On a cold winter’s evening

On a train bound for nowhere

I met up with four travelers

They were–Ok, that’s enough. But that is what happens here.

Starin’ out the window at the darkness

Basically these people find themselves together in a mysterious train car back in the 1920s. Turns out everyone’s a little foggy on how exactly they arrived there, and so one by one they tell each other their macabre tales of the last things they remember.

The stories themselves are uh, well you be the judge. You’ve got to put it in perspective, though. They could have delivered a two-hour lecture about changes to the corporate tax code and I still would have been enthralled as long as I got to look at all the pretty pictures.

Nicest conservatory since Clue

Yeah, that’s really the point of this game, I think. The pixel art backgrounds here are just spectacular–in a twisted sort of way, at least. There’s a huge about of variety, from the train itself to a posh Italian hotel to an English manor to a WW1 field hospital to the depths of some weird netherworld. Each setting is a showcase of intricate detail and dramatic lighting that takes this low-res style to a truly impressive level.

Like I said, lots of variety

You do run into a few puzzles along the way that range from negligible to nuisance; but they’re really just there to facilitate your engagement with the intricate environments. They could have guided you along the same path step-by-step minus the puzzles without any real loss of content.

Did you really think the dark ritual was going to help you?

So yeah, if you’re into this kind of art style at all, it’s definitely worth a couple of hours.

Oh, and the best part? It’s free!

And somewhere in the darkness

The player he broke even

And in his–Sorry. I can’t help it.

Developer: Dead Idle Games

Publisher: Dead Idle Games

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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