In games as in life, if you don’t look so good you may need to think a little harder about how to bring something else to the table. Be exciting; be original; be funny; be insightful; at least be brief. It still may not help but it’s better than nothing. I’m having a tough time finding any of that here.

Does it at least have a good heart?

The sheer amount of stuff that’s awfully similar to stuff from another well-known game that shall remain nameless makes you wonder whether they’re even being sincere.

What can you even say about something like this? It’s like a swamp that never ends.

You grind through room after identical room of monsters so you can level up and get loot to make your numbers slightly bigger so you can grind through more rooms of the same or slightly different monsters that are somewhat tougher so you can make your numbers even bigger so you can…

Clear room; get excited for next room…

At this point it’s safe to say that if you’ve seen one room you’ve seen em all.

Sorry, game. It’s not you; it’s me. (It’s you.)

Developer: Batholith Entertainment

Publisher: Indie Voyage

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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