I’ll tell you right up front: if you were counting on a decomposing horse showing up at some point, I’m afraid you’re going to leave disappointed. Hell, I played the entire game and I still have no idea what the title means.

Just one look at this thing tells you a lot, though. It’s got the same gross, grimy feel as Darkwood or Silent Hill that makes you want to wash your hands after playing. Sure enough, it starts sapping your energy right from the outset, like you’ve entered some kind of negative material plane of existence.

Another game, another grimy mental hospital

You wake up in an abandoned mental hospital and walk around solving puzzles while they assail you with one surreal scene after another. Maybe I’ve played too many of these things, but at some point it just creates a feeling of resignation, like it’s over before it even begins. I mean, when you cross a certain threshold of bizarre and confusing, it starts to seem like everything’s out of your hands, which tends to short circuit your sense of engagement in reaching a good outcome. No matter what I did, I just assumed that it was going to end badly.

Creepy stuff

As for the actual game itself, it’s ok.

Ehh, you know.

Most of the puzzles are decent enough. There’s this one part where you have to navigate through a pitch black room by taking pictures with an infrared camera, and even though you can guess exactly what’s going to happen it’s handled really well. On the other hand, there was this puzzle that involved putting four colored balls in a certain order and I still don’t get it. I cheated and looked it up, and even after knowing the answer the clues made no sense to me. Seriously, if you figure that part out, I want an explanation.

Well you knew it was coming

The most interesting thing about it, though, is that all of the confusion does in fact have a purpose. In a game like this? Who would have thought, right? You’d swear halfway in that this is the sort of thing that’s just looking to be weird for weirdness’ sake, but against every expectation it actually leads to a sensible conclusion.

Maybe it’s not the best thing ever, but I appreciated that in the end they do at least try to tell you a real story instead of just jerking you around like some games I could mention.

Developer: Shining Gate Software

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Purchased on: Steam

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