Day 1

The train pulls away from the station with a screech of metal. I am alone.

I wait but no one arrives to guide me, and so I must pick a direction and begin to walk.

Soon I found myself in the woods. The wind has picked up, driving the snow into my eyes until I am nearly blinded. Have lost my bearings. Situation dire. Clearly it was a mistake to leave town.

I think I fell down a hole.

The town wasn’t really much better

Day 2

Woke up in a tent. Barren rocks and snow surround me. Where am I?

A beacon blinks red atop a mountain far in the distance, beckoning me. Safety? I set out hoping to reach it before my strength fails.

Looked promising…

Day 3

Fortunately my strength never fails entirely, though I can only run in short bursts before I must stop, panting in exhaustion. Should have jogged more and drank less vodka.

My slow pace gives me time to think. Though the temperature must be well below zero and the wind howls continually, I remain strangely unaffected by the cold. A mystery.

Found a puzzling note. What could it mean?

Day 4

This God-forsaken frozen land awes one with a stark beauty that belies its monochrome palatte.

The trees and mountains stand proud in their rugged majesty, wrapped in a pristine blanket of snow, glimmering silver in the moonlight. Ah! It almost makes me forget my grim and baffling predicament.

Cannot stop taking screenshots.

Gotta admit, it really is beautiful

Day 5

Damn this useless map of mine!

The road twists and turns so that I cannot maintain my course. Must rely on my compass.

Day 6

I grow to hate my compass more with every step.

Day 8

Success at last! After retracing my path many times, I arrived at the station marked by the beacon.

Will take shelter here and begin my exploration at first light. What awaits me inside?

Day 9


No supplies. Only another cryptic note. Notes upon notes, yet no answers. Is this some strange game they play with me? I cannot understand it.

No choice but to set out again. I know not where.


Day 12

Descended into a valley wreathed in shadow where shades roamed amidst the trees.

I thought them harmless, but I was mistaken.

And now I must reload.

Day 14

A field of bones lies before me. An obvious trap, yet some force compels me to proceed regardless.

I knew it.

I ran as an orange mist pursued me. I cannot say what it might have been, but the music suggested that it was not healthy.

Fell off a cliff, but seem to be safe for now.

Lost again.

Sometimes you get lost inside, just to mix things up

Day 15

Still lost.

Day 17

Yet another note. Are these inscrutable scraps of the past all this accursed place holds?

What can they mean? What am I doing here? I fear I draw no closer to the truth.

Some variety to the look, but not to the game

Day 18

More notes. Still lost.

Day 20

A tent. This one seems different from the others.


Such is life in Kholat.

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