Unlike John, Erin Myers really does die at the end. If you want to find out how, that’ll be two bucks.

Actually, it happens more at the beginning. This is one of those non-linear stories where everything is presented out of sequence. That can be pretty annoying if it’s not handled right, but here it was a good choice considering the nature of the revelation involved.

It all makes sense eventually

Despite the unconventional format, it’s a pretty conventional plot when fully assembled. Since you already know the ending, the story becomes more of a personal one. Bit by bit, they sketch out a portrait of the protagonist, and you get to know who she is–both the good and the bad–and come to understand what drives her toward the climactic event. The idea is decent enough, but the pace and brevity made it hard to form much of an emotional connection along the way.

Alright, so where do you fit in?

The good ol’ Zork II slide-the-mat-under-the-door-and-push-the-key-onto-it puzzle

Well, in order to keep the story moving along they need you to unlock doors and generally point-and-click your way past a bunch of obstacles. Most of the time this involves a highly improbable solution. It’s funny. This girl’s supposed to be a normal cop, but she’s more like MacGyver. Every puzzle seems to end up with her having to jury-rig some kind of goofy mechanism to hack her way through it. That makes for a strange contrast with the otherwise deadly serious story.

“Find a way to bug a room using only these objects…”

What else can I say, huh? It’s billed as an experimental storytelling experience and I guess they mostly pulled that off; but you can only go so far in something this short without a truly mind-blowing conceptual twist, which you’re not going to find here.

Still, Erin Myers died so that I might be entertained for an hour, so I’d hate to think her sacrifice was for naught.

Developer: Viperante

Publisher: Viperante

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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