If you didn’t get enough physics puzzles and high-strung robots from Portal 2, well, have I got some good news for you!

This time it’s about gravity, which you probably already figured out from the title. What Portal was to teleportation, this game is to pulling things around–specifically, cubes and/or yourself.

You’re going to be doing a lot of this

Same basic deal, though. They give you a device that can create directional gravity fields between two points and then they stick you in room after room to solve a series of puzzles with it. It’s not a very long series, although you can’t really complain about it too much, seeing as it’s free.

I guess the larger issue is that the puzzles are pretty rudimentary. Note, that’s not quite the same thing as “easy,” even though it’s mostly that, too.

I still fell into the lasers, though

I did have to think about the last major puzzle for some time, and I still got it wrong. That is, I came up with a dumb solution that worked even though it wasn’t really what they had in mind. Then all of a sudden the next day the real solution hit me, which was much more elegant. So on one hand, maybe it’s nice that you have the flexibility to think outside the box to some extent; but that kind of thing also makes it feel a little rough around the edges.

The puzzles can involve a lot of movement, but still feel sort of one-dimensional

Overall, the depth and variety here are pretty minimal. I think there’s just not as much you can do with this gravity setup as with the portal gun. Or if there is I’m not seeing it; and for their part the puzzles don’t delve very far into the possibilities. It kind of feels like a demo, like it’s Chapter 1 of a larger game. Are they testing the waters here before they move on with making something more fully-realized?

Maybe it’s not fair to compare this little guy to Portal 2, but the similarities make it impossible not to. They’re obviously aiming to strike exactly the same tone, too. You know, the one where they put you in an over-the-top horrible situation while being exquisitely polite and chipper about it.

I know you’re not really sorry, robot!

There’s even a chattering robot to guide you, who’s like a cross between HAL and C-3PO, if they were both art students. Again, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, although the expressive eyes on the little robot were a great touch. If this were a higher-profile game like Portal: the game that launched a thousand memes, we might be in danger of seeing that everywhere, so maybe it’s a blessing that this one will probably stay under the radar.

I mean, it was fun for a little while but if I never hear another “cake” reference again it’ll be too soon.

Developer: Galaxy Shark Studios

Publisher: Galaxy Shark Studios

Played on: Steam

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