Some might argue that this entire hobby is a waste of time.

They’re not entirely wrong; but then again you could say that about any pastime. Wine, for example. You could complement a nice meal with it. You could learn about its nuances and the craftmanship of making it. You could use it as a starting point for exploring history, geography and culture. You could use it to foster social interactions, building ties to family and community. Or you could sit in your apartment and guzzle it by the jugful to anesthetize yourself from the pain of living.

It’s up to you how to approach it, and what you choose to bring to the experience can determine what you get out of it. There’s probably worthiness and unworthiness to be found in just about any activity.

This game, though? Yeah, it’s a total waste of time.

Maybe they’re friendly…

That doesn’t mean it has no purpose, however. You’re probably not going to devote long blocks of time to this or even play through it from start to finish like other top-down shooters. There is no finish, for one thing; and anyway it’s best tolerated in smaller doses. It’s more like a utility.


(I haven’t told you what it’s about yet. Well, you’re in a room with endless waves of zombies. SPOILER ALERT: You have to blow them up.)

Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Recommended use: Keep it on your hard drive and run it after you play something like Marie’s Room so you can restore balance to the universe.

Developer: DiezelPower

Publisher: DiezelPower

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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