Is it possible to distill the cyberpunk aesthetic into two better words?

Purple Rain? Someone already took that.

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Refracted Static? Tokyo Malware? Modded Silicon? Cyborg Botnet?

This is like coming up with names for metal bands.

Ultraviolet Mainframe? Quantum Synapse? Liquid Hologram? Electric Ninja?

I don’t think it can be done.

Yeah, gotta hand it to them, “Neon Chrome” has quite a ring to it. Makes you want to wear sunglasses at night and cruise in your flying car past glowing skyscrapers in the rain while running an illegal corporate errand.

Minding the robots

Well, if you liked JYDGE you’ll probably like this too, since it’s pretty much exactly the same thing. This game is less structured in some ways and more structured in others.

Whereas JYDGE was broken into discrete missions with well-defined objectives, this one is more free-flowing. You’re on a single continuous trek from start to finish. For a gameplay style this fast-paced, that gave it a much smoother feel, though maybe not quite so much tactical depth. There are still a lot of upgrades here, but with a bit less range to them; so you can’t dial in a preferred play style with quite the same precision.

The results are much the same as JYDGE, though

On the other hand, even though the levels, characters and abilities you find are randomly generated to some extent in a quasi-roguelike manner, they’re all oriented toward one clear goal. It’s kind of like the movie Dredd. Is there a more classic setup than climbing a big tower? Once you reach the top you can keep playing indefinitely, getting stronger and fighting tougher enemies. Personally I felt like it was time to move on after one run; but like JYDGE there’s plenty of action here if you want it, although not so much opportunity for legal one-liners.

Nice view

Ok, how about Burned Circuit? Man. Either you sound like a low-budget 80’s movie or a EE textbook.

Developer: 10Tons Ltd

Publisher: 10Tons Ltd

Purchased on: Steam

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