If you were a teacher, and you gave an assignment to make a game that parodies vintage Cold War-era UFO sci-fi, and that kid who always sits in the back and sleeps waited until the night before it was due to start working on it and then handed it in anyway, this is probably what you’d get.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a total disconnect between concept and execution.

The driving was just as bad as everything else

As premises go this is slow-pitch 16-inch softball. It’s overflowing with so much potential that it should be almost impossible to mess it up entirely.

You could exploit an encyclopedia’s worth of UFO mythology, from Anal Probes to X-Files (I can’t think of a Y or Z, but I’m sure they’re out there, too). There’s the Fallout-style nuclear theme. Horror movie cliches. Cold War social satire. An oddball cast of characters that you encounter way out in the smaller-than-small towns of the desert of the western US as you try to make your way home.

I always look for something good in a game, and in this one it’s “Help I Married a Communist from Outer Space”

We get practically none of that; at least, nothing that works. It’s like the scene in Pulp Fiction where the guy empties an entire handgun at point-blank range and every shot misses.

To give you one example, imagine creating a town in such a setting, and of all the things you could choose to do with it, you make its interactive centerpiece a carnival-style basketball game that you must complete in order to progress. The whole game feels like a rough outline filled with placeholders, with no genuine content anywhere to bring it to life.

Did you think I was kidding?

Worst of all for a parody, it’s simply not funny.

D-minus. See me after class.

I can picture the argument: “Look, you said we had to have characters, dialogue, multiple zones, vehicles, interactive puzzles and a physics system. Technically it’s all in there!”


They should have just said their dog ate it.

Developer: TensionSplice

Publisher: TensionSplice

Purchased on: Steam

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