Got to hand it to them: this concept is first-class nerd bait. Who among us can resist the opportunity to probe the mysteries of some unknown alien artifact? That idea never gets old.

I feel like I’ve seen this Artifact before…

Sadly, unless the aliens erased my memory there’s not a whole lot of probing to do here.

Despite the lofty premise this investigation is not exactly going to make you sweat, even if you’re as lousy at puzzle games as I am. That’s ok. Sometimes it’s nice just to relax a little instead of beating your head against a wall.

Where are you going, Dave?

If you’re looking for another game like The Room, this isn’t it. There’s a little bit of panel sliding and knob turning at the beginning, but mostly the item interactions are pretty standard.

That’s probably a good thing, because trying to manipulate complex futuristic technological objects in that way doesn’t make much sense when your primitive 21st century Earth mind can’t even tell what they are. The Room relied on a certain built-in level of intuition about its various mechanical devices that you don’t have with shiny control panels and random lights.

My God! It’s full of whatever that is

If you can get it on sale for under a buck (that’s the key), this game’s not terrible for what it is. Better make other plans for the evening, though, because it probably won’t even keep you busy for an hour and a half.

The Bottom Line:

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