Where do you draw the line between “atmospheric” and “I can’t see #%$@?” Somewhere between Concluse and this game, I guess.

“Turn up your gamma, dummy!”

Hey, I was playing in a dark room at night and followed their instructions to the letter! You figure they must have their reasons, right? You’re in an old manor at night with the lights off, after all, so for all I know it’s supposed to look like that. Otherwise what’s the point of having you manually light candles?

I remember this from Gone Home. Terrifying.

Regardless, the larger problem here is that there’s not much to see.

The story, such as it is, lies at the intersection of Unhappy Family and Demon from out of Legend. It’s conveyed to us using the letters-and-scraps method, which is about the lowest-effort storytelling style possible.

If they want to use folklore as their angle, shouldn’t they at least start by telling you the legend? Maybe have some creepy kid recite it in a sing-songy voice as an introduction so everybody’s on the same page? That way when they throw you into the mix and you start hearing things associated with it, it creates more dread because it has a little more context.

They only knocked once. What do I do?

As it is the whole thing comes across as a paint-by-numbers collection of random creepy stuff. It’s dark. You hear noises. Occasionally something jumps out and tries to scare you. There are some halfhearted little puzzles along the way as you hunt for miscellaneous objects. Some bad things happened in your family and everyone’s upset. They mechanically check all the boxes, but with no real inspiration.

What else can I tell you? If I don’t seem too motivated here it’s because I suspect that this thing was made as a VR gimmick first and foremost, with the horror game itself mostly an afterthought.

The lone semi-satisfying puzzle

They might as well have just titled it “Here’s Something to Do With Your Expensive New VR Headset.”

For this hour and a half experience they have the gall to charge us $20, which is flat-out robbery. Even for $8 on sale the sting of this one is going to take a while to fade.

Developer: Wales Interactive

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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