Welcome to a grim, authoritarian future where they’ve abolished due process and the letter “U.”

This game really highlights the risks of putting so much power in the hands of the judicial system. Although if you’ve gotta go, there are worse ways than having some guy dressed as a robot magistrate break through your wall like Kool-Aid Man and launch a rocket at you with an oversized gavel. At a certain point you’d just have to admire their sheer devotion to theatrics, despite getting blown up.

Seriously, this is your weapon

Ok, got a little off track there, but that should tell you something about what a hoot this game is. Never a dull moment.

Do you like upgrades? There are more upgrades here than you’ve ever seen in one place. Even the upgrades have upgrades.

So while it plays like a typical top-down shooter there’s a lot more depth in terms of tactical options than you might expect. You can take the stealthy sniper road, spray and pray with a minigun, do the old wait-around-the-corner-with-a-shotgun routine, bring companions along to do the fighting for you, run up and smash lawbreakers in the face with your gavel of justice; you can skew more offensively or more defensively, emphasize speed or durability or concealment…the possibilities are endless!

“Thank you for your cooperation, citizens”

You unlock all of this stuff by accomplishing various tasks spread out across four difficulty levels. The missions are short, sub-5-minute affairs. By the time you make it to the higher difficulties, though, the objectives start getting pretty tough, more like puzzles than combat scenarios, and pretty much force you into certain combinations of abilities. Depending on your point of view that could be a bad thing since it does undermine the flexibility which is otherwise the game’s strength. Still, there’s a lot of content there if you want it. For me it did start getting kind of repetitive after a while but by that point I’d already had plenty of fun.

“What’s on the ROCKET today?” Hah, came up with that one myself!

There was one thing missing, though. So I asked my friend who’s a laywer to come up with some killer legal puns that I could deploy while I was dispensing justice. I told him, really dig deep! He even tried to get his law firm involved but they weren’t much help. All I got was “Your statute of limitations is up,” and then a ten minute lecture about something called the rule against perpetuities.

See what I mean about the judicial system?

Developer: 10tons Ltd

Publisher: 10tons Ltd

Purchased on: Steam

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