Here’s why this game is confusing:

First they called it “horror,” but it’s not very scary…

Then they said it’s about roaming through the forest, but you’re mostly hemmed into trails so you can’t roam very far…

Just enjoy the scenery I guess

Then I thought it was going to be one of those games where you just walk around and look at stuff, but I got crushed by a giant troll when I tried to take a closer look…

Then I thought it was going to be a stealthy game, but every time I tried to sneak around I found out you’re better off just running at full speed…

Then I thought it was going to be a fairytale adventure-type game, where you outwit legendary monsters and that sort of thing, but pretty soon the story took a dark and realistic turn…

When all is said and done, this weird little game never figures out what it wants do and ends up doing nothing particularly great, except make you feel bad. It’s good at that.

We may have a problem

Well, it does look pretty nice, like a Patagonia catalog come to life. Plenty of rocks and shrubs and cliffs and watery vistas everywhere, although I didn’t have time to stop and admire all of it because I was busy running from stuff.

Like I said, that’s the key to game. Good thing this girl’s really fit and sure-footed. She never gets winded from all the elevation changes or twists an ankle on these crazy rugged trails, so just keep on running.

Seriously, she never stops

Whatever you do, don’t pay 20 bucks for this; but if you can get it on sale for 80% off or something it’s not a terrible way to spend a couple of hours.

Or else just go outside and take a hike for free. That’s probably an even better idea.

Developer: Antagonist

Publisher: 1C Entertainment

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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