A lot of these little games really want to tell you their story, like a guy sitting next to you on an airplane. Here, at least, they’re courteous enough to include an actual game with it.

Bonus Feature: Game

In one part, to give you an example, you use the dial on a radio to tune in to different stations and as the music changes you skip to different points in time. It was a subtle thing that fit into the setting very smoothly, and I’ve never seen it done in quite that way before. So the game side of things isn’t just a formality. It looks really good and puts in a respectable effort with some exploration and clever puzzles.

We’ve all been chased around by a million different monsters by this point. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but when the designers take their ideas out of real folklore you can feel a little more character to it than when it’s just some random horror shambling around croaking and drooling at you. It’s more than that, though. This game gets disturbing in a way that goes beyond distorted horrors and pools of blood.

What happens if you get closer to the tormented spirit from out of legend? Pretty much what you expect

In some sense they do the thing that a lot of stories try to do where they show you something deliberately confusing early on and then explain it later. More often than not it’s gratuitous: either they’re disguising a lack of substance by sleight of hand or else they’re trying too hard to be edgy and stylized. Here they do it right.

A major part of the experience is slowly finding out what’s really happening. It’s hard to say more without spoiling the whole thing; but I think the structure wouldn’t work so well without the paranormal element. They’re not just trying to be confusing and nonlinear for the sake of confusion. It’s all about weaving together past and present, life and death. The character is in the same fog as the player, and it clears up for both of you as you progress and unravel the truth.

You didn’t want to feel good, did you?

Of course you know going in that something like this isn’t exactly going to make you feel good, but this one’s even rougher than usual. Seriously, go play something happy when you’re done with this. You need a break.

Developer: Red Candle Games

Publisher: Red Candle Games, Coconut Island Games

Purchased on: Steam

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