God, that poor general!

I felt so bad for him by the end I almost wanted to lose the game. Every mission, as his desperate defense plans were crushed effortlessly by my godlike alien technology, I kept expecting him to be relieved from command, or worse.

Instead, he sticks it out to the bitter end. You can hear it in his voice, the growing despair and resignation to his doomed fate as you steamroll across the Earth; yet he never gives in despite the impossible odds. It’s so terribly sad and heroic.

I come in peace

What have I done??

It wasn’t even a fair fight. Come on, I had impenetrable laser fences and I could decode all their plans ahead of time. Not to mention this crazy ship that could shapeshift into any weapon I wanted and then somehow turn incorporeal and vacuum up their wrecked machinery to make me even stronger. They never stood a chance!

They have tanks; I have that thing. It’s really not fair

I’m sorry, General. You gave it all you had.

Now I wish I hadn’t destroyed your planet. 🙁

Developer: EXOR Studios

Publisher: EXOR studios

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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