In a lot of games puzzles just get in the way of whatever you’re really trying to do. Can I just explore this cave where I’ve never been before instead of stopping to solve the Tower of Hanoi for the 50th time?

Here, though, I guess the puzzle is the exploration, huh? There’s a real sense of escalation as you gradually unlock this weird contraption. You feel like you’re progressing somehwere even though you’re standing in one place.

Starts off pretty unassuming

These guys really hit the difficulty sweet spot, so that probably has something to do with it. If the game had been any easier it would have been boring, and if it had been any tougher it would have been frustrating. As it is, the whole thing has a nice, relaxing flow that moves you along at a good pace.

The atmosphere meshes well with the puzzle itself. They gave it sort of a creepy, Victorian occult vibe which adds an ominous undertone to everything while you’re turning keys and flipping switches and sticking doodads into whatchamacallits.

Gets pretty wild later on, though

Look, it costs like a buck fifty on sale. Just buy it already and experience the satisfying whirrs and clicks of success for yourself!

Developer: Fireproof Games

Publisher: Fireproof Games

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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