A harrowing tale of demonic possession.

When Terrence Greenbriar inherited his uncle’s estate he also inherited its curse: an evil spirit that preys upon all who dwell within its walls.

No sooner does the family arrive than this malevolent force targets their youngest daughter, posing as the innocent ghost of her ancestor. She makes contact with the dark entity and its oppressive influence over the house begins to grow. As the mother and father spiral into alcoholism, infidelity and madness, the demon insidiously isolates the young girl from her family and feeds her obsession with the occult.

“Hauntings and Poltergeists.” And so it begins…

As the eldest daughter, absent during this tragedy, the player must sift through the aftermath, piecing together the clues of the paranormal events that transpired.

The surreal presentation only heightens the overwhelming atmosphere of futility. Arranged like a bizarre trail of breadcrumbs, the seemingly improbable sequence of clues form a meta-narrative, taunting both character and player with the inevitability of the demon’s triumph. The player experiences the helplessness of the victims through the tedium of the gameplay, dragged along awkwardly by the heavy hand of the authors as if in the clutches of the demon itself. You cannot act; you cannot think; you cannot change the outcome. You can only watch and obey.

The evidence speaks for itself

Eerie diary entries from the young victim’s point of view paint a vivid picture of her mental breakdown under the demon’s sustained assault, highlighting the growing dissociation between fantasy and reality. The game continually juxtaposes the juvenile surface narrative with the dark undercurrent of the evidence that you uncover. For example, your sister describes becoming entranced by mysterious music, which is revealed to the player to be merely a shrieking, cacophonous noise.

The truth becomes clear in a chilling scene where you stumble upon a demonic altar hidden deep within the walls, the site of the final dark ritual that claimed your sister’s soul; but you can only look on in mute resignation, knowing that you arrived too late. Even the ironic title mocks you in your despair at your ultimate failure to save your family.

Gone home

A home shattered; your sister lost in the night, in the dark…

…and silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of 1 Arbor Hill.

Developer: The Fullbright Company

Publisher: The Fullbright Company

Purchased on: Steam

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