With uncharacteristic recklessness I jumped head first into the Alien Breed saga before realizing that this was part 2 of a sequential trilogy. Good thing this is the sort of story that gets you up to speed quickly. Basically, there are aliens in front of you and you have to shoot them.

shooting aliens

Well, that’s oversimplifying things. Sometimes they’re also behind you.

On that note, it seems like it would have been better if the aliens didn’t just pop out of holes in the floor all the time. Then they could have polished and mixed up the fights a little more so it didn’t get so repetitive. It also would have been better if the camera didn’t shake around so much and get stuck at weird angles, if there weren’t so much backtracking and if they didn’t make you do an escort mission.

Gotta admire their commitment to their vision, though: from start to finish they never waver in their resolve. Aliens will pop out of the floor, and you will shoot them. The aliens are big, meaty bugs but they all seem to die pretty fast. Honestly, by the end I still couldn’t even really tell most of them apart, except for the ones that spit green goo at you. I just shot em all and let their alien god sort em out.

still shooting aliens, but the camera’s not helping

Overall it wasn’t so bad, but 9 hours of that is probably enough for right now. Maybe someday when they’re on sale again for a buck fifty and I’m in the mood to shoot another 2000 or so aliens I’ll go back and play Alien Breed parts 1 and/or 3.

I’ve got a hunch what’s in store for me.

Developer: Team 17 Digital Ltd

Publisher: Team 17 Digital Ltd

Purchased on: Steam

The Bottom Line:

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